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Brown Recluse bites on the rise


This BULLSHIT is popping up all over Facebook. This is not true- nor is confirmed by spider experts. Bunk stories such as these are commonly based on misdiagnosis on part of doctors (99% of “recluse” bites are staph infections), coupled with the general public’s lack of knowledge and distaste for spiders.

Spiders have evolved their venom to ingest insects- not bite humans!! If left alone, they don’t bite you in your sleep! If you have a mystery bite, it’s probably something a spider eats! Or you’re allergic to your laundry detergent. Here is an article written by a spider scientist at UCR. We do NOT have Brown recluse in CA.

Stop spreading this junk that adds ignorance towards people’s perception of nature.

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Anonymous asked:

have anyone special in your life?

Not at the moment. There’s an urge to start trying for a more serious companionship, but my mind is still set to an “emotional block”. What has always kept me happy is still keeping me happy, and to search for more right now just isn’t necessary. With that being said, I simply believe that me being so content “alone” means that I won’t be able to fully commit to making someone else as happy. If something serious happens, I want to have a natural urge to give my all. Call me selfish, but I just don’t have the patience for petty arguments, jealousy, and feeling at fault right now… *But that doesn’t mean the right girl couldn’t change things drastically.

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